piston fresh in-ear headphone

Xiaomi has launched a wallet friendly variant of Piston In-Ear headphone named as Piston Fresh In-Ear headphones.

Piston Fresh In-Ear headphone sound chamber is made of aluminum alloy using metal anodizing process.

The in-ear headphone body is made of zircon sand blasting which makes it non-slip scratch resistance.

piston fresh in-ear headphone

It also comes with 2 nipple-class silicon material ear set.

The third generation of balanced damping system is used for smooth sound and the air flow.


The Piston Fresh In-Ear headphone carries a built-in microphone with a classy button enabling play/pause, answer/hang up the phone and other functions.

piston fresh in-ear headphone


Xiaomi says the newly launched in-ear headphone supports a wide range of Android devices.

In terms of iPhone, iPad, and iPod the volume control feature is available. Except for volume control all others features are functional on Apple devices.

The Piston Fresh In-Ear headphone is priced at CNY 29 (roughly Rs. 300 or $4). It’ll be available in Blue, Black, Pink, Purple, and Silver.


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