xiaomi sun glass

Xiaomi has launched brand new eyeglasses under the Roidmi brand.

A few days ago, Xiaomi teased a poster about the newly launched product.

Now the company unveiled the pair of eyeglasses in their versatile product lineup.

xiaomi sun glass

The Roidmi Glasses comes with UV protection which will protect eyes from ultraviolet rays from the sun.

xiaomi sun glass

Xiaomi says The Roidmi Glasses can 99.99% of ultra-violate rays coming from the Sun.

Ultra-violate rays are considered as the main culprit for cataracts and retinal damage. The newly launched glasses will prevent cataracts and retinal damage.

The young generation will love the design of the glasses as well as its packaging.

The Roidmi Glasses comes in white box houses three separate compartment.

The first compartment holds the frame, the second one holds the temples, and a third holds the nose pads.

xiaomi sun glass

Unfortunately, Xiaomi has not included any glass cage in the box.

Roidmi name is clearly visible on temples and nose pad as well.

No screwdriver is required to configure the glasses because it carries portable parts which can clip into the frame easily. The eyeglasses weigh just 21g.

xiaomi sun glass

According to the company, the glasses comes with an oleophobic coating which makes it scratch resistant.

However, Xiaomi has not declared the price of Roidmi Glasses yet.


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