xiaomi offline store

Xiaomi CEO has confirmed that the company will focus on strengthening offline sales both in the Chinese and the Indian market.

Xiaomi is planning to shift from the online sales only model and set-up more offline sales all over the China and India.

The company is facing a tough competition against Oppo and Vivo to rank in the top Chinese brand.

Oppo and Vivo have the largest offline stores all across the globe where Xiaomi’s presence is nearly zero.

To steam the tide of offline sales, the company will set-up 1000 offline Xiaomi only shop all over the China.

Xiaomi Global VP Manu Jain said, the company will focus on strengthening offline sales to penetrate deep into rural regions in India.

“We are now present in more than 8,500 stores via our innovative offline distribution network. Last year was indeed a great year and we achieved several milestones while building our India story,” Jain added.

The offline physical stores will help Xiaomi to spot the top place among the Chines brans.


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