Xiaomi launches ultra-smart sports footwear

Smart shoes? Xiaomi launches sports footwear with Intel chips

Xiaomi has silently launched a 90-minute ultra-slim sports footwear with Intel Chips.

The built-in Intel Curie chip smart shoes are small in size but smart enough to store vital fitness data in real time.

The smart shoes sport professional design with the arch support balance sheet, anti-skid wear.

It also uses a foam-like material on the body which cushions the effect of the runner.

Xiaomi ultra slim footwear also houses antibacterial removable insole.

The main attraction of the smart shoes is its ability of the intelligent Intel chip to detect movement and store vital data such as distance covered, speed, calories lost etc.

It is also able to detect running, walking or climbing mode. The company claims it can stay up to 60 days with a single charge.

The newly launched smart footwear is available in blue, surf black, pink and special blue colors.

The ultra slim smart footwear will go on sale from April 16 for CNY 299($43).

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