MIUI Native Screen Recorder

MIUI 8 has recently introduced a native screen recorder app.

The app will enable MIUI users to record everything you did on your screen, then save it as a video.

Here is the comprehensive guide to using MIUI Native Screen Recorder:

Step 1: You’ll find the Screen Recorder App in Tools folder.

MIUI Native Screen Recorder

Step 2: Open the app and you will enter Screen Recorder interface. Tap on the red button on the bottom left to activate screen recorder.

MIUI Native Screen Recorder

Step 3: A small pop up with a start button will appear.  Tap on the red button to start to record your screen recording.

MIUI Native Screen Recorder

Step 4: You can easily move the pop up to the top or bottom, it will always stick to the side screen. Just tap the stop button on the pop up to stop recording.

MIUI Native Screen Recorder

Here is the Settings Explanation for MIUI Screen Recorder:

You can easily access the MIUI Screen Recorder settings menu at Settings > Additional settings > Record Screen.

1) Resolution:

MIUI Screen Recorder comes with 1920*1080 (1080p) by default. You can lower resolution from this option.

2) Video quality:
To set the video quality of the recording. The higher you set the quality the bigger file size will be generated.

3. Frame rate:
By default, it is set as 24fps in MIUI Screen Recorder. If we set higher frame rate, the video will look smoother and less motion blur.

4) Orientation:
By default, this is set to auto. This setting will determine wheatear you want to capture the video in portrait or landscape mode.

5) Sound Source:
To choose the sound source of the video. You can choose a phone internal sound, mic (surrounding sound), mute etc. from this setting.

6) Lock Screen to end:

This option will enable users to stop the video with lock button/power button.

7) Show touch gestures:

This setting will enable display of our screen touch with white dot during recording.

MIUI Native Screen Recorder

8)Visualize navigation buttons:

This setting enables a subtitle of navigation buttons during recording. When we tap Menu, Home or Back, it will appear as a small text below the recording. See the following figure.

MIUI Native Screen Recorder


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