surge s1

Xiaomi has recently launched their first ever in-house Pinecone Surge S1 processor.

The Pinecone Surge S1 is already used in Xiaomi Mi 5c.

A new leak shows the company is working on a more powerful and efficient SoC compared the Surge S1.

The allegedly spotted Xiaomi processor will be called Pinecone Surge S2.

The first smartphone with Pinecone SoC is supposed to be launched in Q4 this year.

The processor will use TSMC’s 16nm manufacturing process with an octa-core processor.

Xiaomi chooses16nm manufacturing process instead of 10nm processor due to the low yield of the 10nm process.

The Pinecone Surge S1 is a mid-range processor but The Pinecone Surge S2 will be more powerful with 16nm process.


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