Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a very powerful tool and the new name for personized voice assistant.

There are lots of awesome stuff you can do with Google Assistant even without touching your phone.

Let’s see some useful tips and command to make your Android experience simpler with Google Assistant.

1. Say “Ok Google” to unlock your phone:

You can unlock your device without touching your device by saying “Ok Google”. Go to Google Assistant Settings-> Ok Google Detection and Add your voice to trusted voice.

2. Control Phone Settings:

Now you can control almost every Setting with the help of Google Assistant. For example, say “Ok Google” and then say “Turn on Wi-Fi” or “Set an alarm 6 hours later”.

3. Real Time Translation:

You can use real-time translation if you travel frequently.  To ask Assistant to do real-time translation say “Ok Google” and say your phrase. For example, “Hello friend how are you” in German.

4. Navigation:

Google Map is the most popular app which is used for navigation. Google Map is now integrated with Google Assistant to make you navigation a lot easier.  Say “Ok Google” and ask for “Nearest petrol pump”, “Network to Berlin” etc. to get real time navigation.

The following video shows the 8 awesome Google Assistant tricks:

Thanks to our friends at Xtream Droid for the video! Be sure to check out all of their videos on their YouTube Channel.

5. Get the work done Like to real assistant:

You can ask anything to Google Assistant to get real time answers. Like “What is an area of USA”, “What is GDP of India” etc. to get real time answers.

6. Control Music:

You can control music player with the help of Google Assistant. You can ask “Play Sias Cheap Thrills” and the Assistant will play it with Google Play Music or YouTube.

7. Stay Updated with Worked:

Just say “Good Morning” and the Google Assistant will start reading out all the major headlines for you.

8. Calculation:

Google Assistant is pretty awesome at calculation. Just say the equations and the Assistant will calculate it for you.


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