xiaomi foldable smartphone

An allegedly leaked patent filing in China suggests that Xiaomi joins the race for a foldable smartphone in near future.

Smartphone giant including Samsung, Nokia, LG, and Oppo are already rumored to working on a foldable smartphone.

Samsung has already demonstrated a preview of their first foldable smartphone called Samsung X CES 2013.

Although Xiaomi is a little bit late in the race but the leaked specs suggest the company will be a tough competitor in the latest trends of the smartphone.

xiaomi foldable smartphone

According to the leaks, the phone will have two displays which can be folded together.

It includes an input section for typing and a display section and can only be opened up to 160 degrees.

xiaomi foldable smartphone

The company has already released Mi Note 2 with flexible display technology which can be adopted to develop the rumored foldable phone.

Although there is official word from Xiaomi takes this info with a pinch of salt. Xiaomi Ninja will post the latest info regarding the Xiaomi foldable smartphone.


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