Mi Headphones Comfort launches in India for Rs. 2,999

Xiaomi Mi Headphones Comfort

Xiaomi has announced a new product the Indian market and it’s Mi Headphone Comfort.

The Mi Headphones Comfort are closed-back headphones with minimalistic design and provide higher sampling rates than the standard sampling rates used in music CDs.

It features a seamless design and it is a perfect accessory for any outfit. It’s soft PU air-cups provides a comfortable fit around the ear.

Xiaomi Mi Headphones Comfort

The headphone is supported on almost any phones laptops & other portable devices.

The unique interface on the left ear cup that gives you full control over your music and calls without pulling out your phone from the pocket.

Xiaomi Mi Headphones Comfort

The Mi Comfort Headphone is environmental friendly, non-toxic & heat resistant. It passes more 700 durability test and perfect for day to use.

Xiaomi Mi Headphones comfort will go on sale starting from 12PM on April 18 via Mi.com and it is priced at Rs. 2,999.

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