Xiaomi Mi 6 durability test

How tough is the Mi 6? This durability test video has some surprises

The Mi 6 already went on several flash sales in China and manages to gather huge response from the Mi Fans.

The Mi 6 comes with a premium build quality over its predecessor Mi 5.

The Mi 5 build quality was average and failed on durability tests.

What about Xiaomi Mi 6?

Xiaomi Mi 6 display technology is not yet revealed by the company.

It is not sure whether the device comes with guerrilla glass technology or not.

At the back part, the device uses plastic on basic variants and ceramic on the ceramic edition. Let’s see the durability test of Xiaomi Mi 6.

Here is the video showing durability test of Xiaomi Mi 6:

The above video covers complete bend test and scratch test. Watch the above video and explore the durability of Xiaomi Mi 6!


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