change front in mi devices

Step by step guide to change the font on any Mi devices

The font is an important part of any device to look it exceptional. Every person has his/her choice about choosing a font.

Here is the step by step guideline to change the font in any Mi devices:

Step 1

Open Mi Theme app. Browse top of the Theme App/My Account and check whether “Font” option is there or not. If yes then you are okay to change the font but if you don’t have the theme option follow the below steps.

change font in mi devices

Step 2

Now for those who didn’t find this ‘Font’ option, Go to settings->Additional Settings->Region->Change your location to India. If you are from other regions rather than India you also have to follow this step.

change font in mi devices

change font in mi devices

Step 3

Now, Clear all data of MI theme App/ Reboot your phone. Open your Mi Theme App now. You will see the ‘Font’ option in My Account or on top of the Theme App.

change font in mi devices

Step 4

Now tap on the ‘Font’ option~ select your desired one~ then click on ‘download’.

change font in mi devices

Step 5

Now, tap on ‘apply’ and Reboot to apply theme’s font.

change font in mi devices

Congratulations! Now you have desired theme on your Mi devices.

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