miui 9 launch

Xiaomi exec hints at MIUI 9 launch with lots of Nougat features

Xiaomi’s top executive hints on the Chinese social media Weibo that the most awaited MIUI 9 launch in on the way.

He stated on Weibo to one of its fans that-”forward these letters; you will have the universe and good luck!.” He also mentioned about the upcoming MIUI screen.

Though this is not a direct confirmation of MIUI 9 launch; it looks eminent that MIUI 9 will be launched in August t ear.

Xiaomi has long tradition to release new Android version in August. This time it seems that the company is going to follow the schedule again.

The current MIUI screen; MIUI 8 has already got some Android Nougat features.

It also teases that the picture in picture features will add to MIUI 8 in near future. The screen recorder option is already available in MIUI 8.

The MIUI 9 expected to launch with more nougat features including smart notifications, MIUI interface tweaking, system stability, smart update, picture in picture and much more.

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