mi fit app 3.0

Mi Fit App 3.0 released with new UI and features

Mi Fit App 3.0 is released in all major application platforms.

The latest version of Mi Fit app comes with brand new UI and bunch of new features over its predecessor.

Mi Fit, the application of Xiaomi for all wearable devices introduces some highlighted features in the Mi Fit App 3.0.

The highlighted features of Mi Fit App 3.0 are:

  • New UI.
  • Support WeChat account Sign in.
  • Support Cycling and jogging.
  • Customize Homepage.

How to get Mi Fit App 3.0:

Here is a brief description of major features of Mi Fit App 3.0:

Customizable Home Page:  Using the sort button users can rearrange items on home screen with ease.

mi fit app 3.0


Activities: In addition to Outdoor running and Treadmill now we have two more new features Outdoor cycling and walking. The latest two features also support GPS.

mi fit app 3.0

Profile: In Mi Fit App 3.0 users will be able to control all paired devices here and even your profile.

mi fit app 3.0



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