Xiaomi joins the Qi wireless charging consortium, Mi 7 could be first to support wireless charging

Mi 7 could be first device to feature wireless charging

Xiaomi has joined Qi wireless charging consortium. The Qi wireless charging consortium is popularly known for Qi standard.

The Qi standard is the well-established standard which is supported by Apple, LG, Samsung (which also supports PMA) and others.

Mi 7 could be first device to feature wireless charging

The Xiaomi has not made an official announcement yet but the company is already listed on consortium page.

According to analyst the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 7 would be the first to include Qi wireless charging. Though there is no official word from the company.

The wireless charging technology is becoming a must-have feature for the high-end Smartphone. Xiaomi is the latest consumers to add this feature in upcoming devices.

The Mi 7 is supposed to be launched in Q1 of 2018. We do not have much info regarding the Mi 7. As we are moving closer to the next year we will post all latest info regarding Mi 7!

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