Xiaomi nearly reaches Samsung's position

Xiaomi nearly reaches Samsung’s position in India

According to a new Counterpoint Research, Samsung is losing ground to Xiaomi in India. Xiaomi just needs another two percent of the market to be top smartphone brand in the country.

The report suggests, Samsung and Xiaomi have jointly shipped 45 percent of the market at 23 and 22 percent respectively.

“Three out of the top five best-selling smartphones in India were from Xiaomi alone,”-said Tarun Pithak, associate director at Counterpoint Research.

Xiaomi nearly reaches Samsung's position

He mentioned two key points for the company’s tremendous success; the first one is “value for money offerings” and the second one is “streamlined supply chain effort”.

Xiaomi is growing faster than any other smartphone brand in India. Though the company is still fighting for its position in its home country China it managed to get a huge response from the Indian consumers.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 is the country’s best selling smartphone for the third successive quarter. Xiaomi has managed to get a huge shipment in festival season starting from July-September.

According to the Counterpoint Research, Asia is a growing market for the company but it’s unlikely to launch US market in near future.

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