How to solve contact mismatch issue, guide and download

Xiaomi devices running recently facing contact mismatch issue. The contact mismatch issue is showing wrong contact info for random contacts.

Xiaomi has claimed that third party app is responsible for this contact mismatch bug. However, they’ve provided a temporary solution to fix mismatch issue.

The solution comes in an APK form. You need to download and install an APK to resolve this issue.

How to solve contact mismatch issue:

  • Download the APK provided by clicking here, install and give necessary permissions.
  • Open the app and press ‘Check’
  • If wrong data gets found, press ‘Correct’ to fix it.

How to solve contact mismatch issue, guide and download

If you still facing the bug then follow the below procedures:

  • Backup data of WhatsApp (WhatsApp – setting – chats – backup)
  • Uninstall WhatsApp, reinstall WhatsApp
  • If the problem is still there, go to phone setting – sync – disable WhatsApp sync
  • Do the same procedures for Truecaller.

This supposed to solve the contact mismatch issue. If it’s still there stay tuned for Xiaomi Ninja. We will post the latest solution to this problem.


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