manage your favorite photos

Smartphone photography is becoming popular day by day. Major manufacturers are releasing their smartphone with top-notch camera quality to capture moments.

Smartphone users take hundreds of photos. Among the hundreds of photos, it is tough to select/organize favorite photos.

MIUI Global Beta ROM 8.1.4 comes with a convenient way to save favorite photos with one tap. Let’s see how to use the feature.

How to use one tap favorite feature:

Open your favorite photos and tap on Favorite (heart) icon in the top right corner. Then it will atomically save your photos in a distinct album called “Favorites”. See the following figure.

manage your favorite photos

When you will go back you will see a distinct album called “Favorites” which will contain all of your favorite photos. See the following figure.

manage your favorite photos

This is a convenient feature to distinguish favorite photos among the hundreds of photos you take.


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