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Increase battery life without rooting your phone

battery tips and trciks

Battery life is the key feature of any gadget. Smartphone battery life is also an important issue for day to day users. The majority of flagships and some mid-range devices come with high definition display like AMOLED and Super AMOLED display. In terms of battery, this display technology drains most of the battery juice. Because whatever you do you need ...

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Five ways to improve security on your MIUI device


Smartphones are the essential tool in our daily life. It contains most of our digital data. Without proper protection layer, there is chance to exposed our digital identity. Apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Skype, Twiter often contains data that matter to us. If you didn’t set up security layer than your data is already at risk. MIUI Rom provides better ...

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We have an app! Download the free Xiaomi Ninja Android app today

Xiaomi Ninja is the world’s largest community of Xiaomi news and information, and now we finally have an Android App! Click here to download the Xiaomi Ninja App from the Google Play Store Benefits of using the app includes breaking news alerts, direct access to Xiaomi Ninja, and optimized mobile layout. The app is compatible with over 10,000 devices, and runs on ...

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Awesome App Alert: Use Parallel Spaces to connect to multiple app accounts (with video)

Switching between multiple accounts within apps on Android can get annoying fast, luckily there is Parallel Spaces. Parallel Spaces is a free app that allows you to sign into multiple accounts on the same device. Apps like Facebook, Instagram, Clash of Clans, and thousands of others. The developer claims the app is compatible with 99% of the apps on the Google ...

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Unboxing the Xiaomi Ninebot Mini self balancing hoverboard (video)

The Xiaomi Ninebot Mini is basically a hoverboard, it doesn’t have a handle, but instead steers by detecting movements from riders’ legs and balance. Riders can also control the scooter through an app on their smartphone. According to Ninebot, the hoverboard can travel 22 kilometers on a single charge at speeds of up to 16 kilometers per hour. The device can ...

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MIUI 7 China Developer ROM 5.10.22 Preview

MIUI 7 China Developer ROM 5.10.22 will be available for download soon. Here are some of the key updates coming with it. [File Explorer] You can now create private folders in File Explorer Pull down to enable this feature. [Cleaner] Added cleaning animation effect in Cleaner Added unused apps cleaning notification [Gallery] You can now ‘Doodle’ on your photos [Clock] ...

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MIUI 7 new music app design

If you used MIUI 6, you know how slowly the music player could load sometimes. Weighed down by its extensive colors and graphics, it was a bit of a pain to launch. But the new MIUI 7 music player it smaller, faster, and easier to use. Take a look at the animation below to see it in action.

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