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Apple iOS 10 Stock Ringtone Collection for any Android [Free Download]

Apple iOS 10 Stock Ringtone Collection

Apple iOS is one of the most popular operating systems out there. Though it doesn’t provide Android like flexibility people still love it. Most of the smartphone users love to have the stock wallpapers and ringtones from iOS. Among the different iOS version, the iOS 10 comes with distinct stock ringtone collection. The iOS 10 Stock Ringtones Collection will provide ...

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Top ten iOS 11 features already available in MIUI 8

ios 11 vs miui 8

Apple has recently announced the iOS 11 and its first beta is rolling out. Exploring the iOS 11 first beta we’ve found the plenty of iOS new features are already available in MIUI 8. MIUI 8 features including Notification Toggles, QR Scanner Camera, Screen Recorder, File Management, App Management are introduced in iOS 11. Moreover, MIUI 9 development is in the ...

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Apple iOS 8 system built-in ringtone collection for Android

apple ios 8

Apple iOS 8 features gorgeous ringtone collections. Apple iPhone can be identified by its distinct system built-in ringtones. The iOS 8 stock ringtone collection comes with 27 built-in ringtones. We’ve zipped all the ringtones into a Zip file. Click here to download Apple iOS 8 system built-in ringtone Download the ringtone collection from above link. Then unzip it in order ...

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