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How to add Facebook events to MIUI Calendar

Tips and tricks: How to add Facebook events into MIUI Calendar

Facebook events often contain important dates for example birthday for favorite persons. It would be nice if users can see the Facebook event directly from the MIUI Calendar. Here is the step by step guide to add Facebook event to MIUI Calendar: Step 1: Go to your Facebook profile. Then choose “Events” from the left menu bar. See the following ...

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How to enable MIUI 8 Touch Assistant on MIUI 7

MIUI 8 Touch Assistant

Touch Assistant is a new and exciting features of MIUI 8. Though MIUI 8 is not publicly released but you can try MIUI 8 Touch Assistant feature on MIUI 7. Touch Assistant introduced in MIUI 8 for easy and navigations through the apps. This article will explain Touch Assistant feature in details. As we can see in the below image, ...

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Sleep better by using MIUI Read Mode

MIUI Read Mode Photo

Read mode in MIUI ROM is originally design for people who are likely to read or watch videos before going to sleep. The device in normal brightness emits bluer wave which can lead to the deterioration of sleep quality. As well as it will take a longer time to fall asleep. In MIUI read mode, the device emits lower blue light and lessen ...

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