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Get the Google Pixel experience on your Xiaomi with this full guide

Google pixel launcher

Google has recently launched Pixel phone. The Pixel phone comes with nice launcher along with stunning wallpaper collection, Google Assistant and more. With this easy guide, you can try Google Pixel launcher on your Xiaomi phone. You can enjoy all features including Google Assistant, wallpaper collection, ringtone collection and new boot animation. Note: Since MIUI is a customized version of ...

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Make MIUI look like iOS 10 [video guide]

ios 10 for xiaomi

iOS 10 comes simple but handy looks based on user preferences. Android operating system including MIUI also has enough customization functionality to make whatever you want. This article will demonstrate how to make Android exactly look like iOS 10. This simple video guide will present 4 launchers and app that’ll help you to get iOS 10 looks and feel. 1. ...

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Make Nova Launcher look exactly like the new Google Pixel launcher [video guide]

nova launcher

Google has launched upgraded version of Nexus launcher and named it Pixel launcher. Pixel launcher comes with beautiful looks and features. This article will demonstrate how to make Nova launcher exactly look like Google Pixel launcher with all nova launcher features. Here is the step by step guide to making Nova Launcher look exactly like Pixel launcher: Step 1: First ...

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Try Android Nougat on your Xiaomi with the Google Nexus Launcher [download and guide]

Android Nougat

Most of the Xiaomi devices getting MIUI 8 progressively. While waiting for MIUI 8 let’s try Android Nougat with Google Nexus Launcher. A recent leaked unveiled the Google Nexus Launcher which will provide looks and test of Android Nougat. The leaked launcher will provide two obvious home screen feature of Android N. 1. The removal of the Google Search bar ...

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