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Three MIUI Security Center features you need use to protect yourself

miui security app

MIUI comes with built-in Security Center which is a combination of advanced security technologies from Tencent, Kingsoft and LBE. MIUI Security Center is a reliable mechanism to provide privacy protection for users. As well as the security app also comes with many useful features. Here are the 3 must try features of MIUI Security app: 1. Save mobile data: MIUI ...

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13 tips to boost Xiaomi smartphone battery life

xiaomi battery tips

The battery is the most prime issue in today’s smartphone. Touch screen based smartphones consume huge battery which makes difficult to prolong battery life. This article will demonstrate on “How to prolong battery life.” Here are tips to prolong smartphone battery life: 1. Turn off notification from less used apps: Real notifications are handy in some cases like email. But ...

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