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8 awesome Google Assistant tricks you need to try right now [video guide]

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a very powerful tool and the new name for personized voice assistant. There are lots of awesome stuff you can do with Google Assistant even without touching your phone. Let’s see some useful tips and command to make your Android experience simpler with Google Assistant. 1. Say “Ok Google” to unlock your phone: You can unlock your ...

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Increase battery life without rooting your phone

battery tips and trciks

Battery life is the key feature of any gadget. Smartphone battery life is also an important issue for day to day users. The majority of flagships and some mid-range devices come with high definition display like AMOLED and Super AMOLED display. In terms of battery, this display technology drains most of the battery juice. Because whatever you do you need ...

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Expertly spot fake Mi In-Ear Headphones with this guide

how to identify fake or genuine in ear headphone

Mi In-Ear Headphones are extremely popular for its sleek design and fantastic audio quality. Many third-party sellers are selling duplicate Mi Headphones at prices as low as 20% of the original price. While this sounds like a great deal, the truth is that these headphones are most likely fake. How to identifying Fake and Genuine Mi In-Ear Headphones: 1. Use the Xiaomi Product Authentication: ...

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Three MIUI Security Center features you need use to protect yourself

miui security app

MIUI comes with built-in Security Center which is a combination of advanced security technologies from Tencent, Kingsoft and LBE. MIUI Security Center is a reliable mechanism to provide privacy protection for users. As well as the security app also comes with many useful features. Here are the 3 must try features of MIUI Security app: 1. Save mobile data: MIUI ...

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Record your mobile gameplay with Google Play Games [step-by-step guide]

Google Play Games

Latest version of Google Play Games released few months ago and it comes with gameplay record features. Record gameplay features is an amazing feature for passionate gamers and Youtubers. It’s a great way share your gaming experience with friends or start your gaming YouTube channel. Here is the step by step guide to record your gameplay with Google Play Games. ...

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Five ways to improve security on your MIUI device


Smartphones are the essential tool in our daily life. It contains most of our digital data. Without proper protection layer, there is chance to exposed our digital identity. Apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Skype, Twiter often contains data that matter to us. If you didn’t set up security layer than your data is already at risk. MIUI Rom provides better ...

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